Do I Need a Consultation?

Whether you are facing breastfeeding challenges or simply want to get off to a good start and learn how normal breastfeeding works, The Mother’s Milk Companysm can help you.

If you are nursing and….

  • you feel breastfeeding is not going as well as you would like
  • things are going well but you’d like more information or support
  • you have sore nipples that are not getting better
  • baby has difficulty latching onto the breast
  • you are not sure if baby is getting too little or too much milk
  • baby is gaining weight too slowly
  • you’ve had breast surgery and are concerned about the impact on breastfeeding
  • you’d like to increase your milk supply
  • you have a premature baby
  • your baby has “tummy trouble” or is often fussy
  • you have twins or triplets
  • you want to or need to wean your baby
  • you are returning to work
  • your baby has special needs
  • you need a breast pump

Whatever your breastfeeding needs may be, we can help you!

Contact us to schedule a home visit. 773 595-5593 or