Our Services

What will we do on a home visit?

When the Mother’s Milk Company Lactation Consultant comes to your home, she will ask what your breastfeeding concerns and goals are. She will ask pertinent questions about your medical history, the history of your pregnancy and birth and what your breastfeeding experience has been like so far. She will observe the baby at the breast and can provide hands-on assistance to address your concerns. She will bring a sensitive baby scale and may weigh baby before and after feeding to gauge the amount of milk the baby gets at a feeding. This can be quite useful in some situations. The Lactation Consultant will also develop a plan of care with you based on your breastfeeding goals to guide you over the next few days or next few weeks . 

Insurance coverage

A coded insurance claim form will be provided for you to submit to your insurance company. Under the Affordable Care Act many more mothers are now eligible for coverage of breastfeeding related services. You may contact your insurance company for determination of your benefits. This is not required prior to the scheduling of a consultation. Payment is expected at the time of the consultation. Learn more about insurance reimbursement for Lactation Consultant Services.

Do I Need a Consulation?

Whether you are facing breastfeeding challenges or simply want to get off to a good start and learn how normal breastfeeding works, we can help. To help you decide if you need an in-home consultation, see Do I Need a Consultation?

How quickly can I schedule an in-home consultation?

A Lactation Consultant can be in your home within 24-48 hours of the time that you contact us. Same day consultations are often possible.

Fees and Payment

The fee for in-home lactation consultation is a flat fee.  Payment is expected at the time of the consultation. Cash, check, Chase  Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and PayPal are acceptable forms of payment.  Please call for rates.

Pay via Paypal

Pay via PayPal

Our Coverage Area

We provide In-Home Services to the City of Chicago and Near Suburbs. If you are out of our service area, we can help you find a Lactation Consultant near you. Call to see if you are in our coverage area.

How long will the Lactation Consultant be at my home?

There is no time limit for a consultation. The Lactation Consultant will spend as much time with you as needed to address your breastfeeding needs and to answer all of your questions. Average consultation time is  1.5 to 2 hours.

Follow Up Care

Telephone or email follow up will be provided for reassurance and help to make adjustments to your breastfeeding plan as you progress toward your breastfeeding goals. 

Communication with your primary care providers

A report of the in-home consultation will be sent to your obstetrician or midwife and to baby’s doctor or nurse-practitioner.