About Us

Our Mission

To foster breastfeeding as a normal start to optimal infant health and development, and to promote the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers as well as infants, through in-home support and education.

Our Vision

The Mother’s Milk Companysm will advance the health and well being of the global community by providing the highest quality breastfeeding support to mothers and infants.

Our Core Values

  • N-Nurturing Families
  • A-Awareness of the Global Benefits of Breastfeeding
  • T-Trust in nature’s design
  • U-Up to date professional practice
  • R-Respect for the unique needs and goals of the families we serve
  • E-Empowerment through Education and Support

Our Team

Barbara Hardin RN IBCLC

Barbara is the founder of the Mother’s Milk Companysm. A Registered Nurse since 1979, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 1988, Barbara has been assisting breastfeeding mothers and babies for over 35 years. She began her private lactation consulting practice to provide in-home care to new mothers and babies. Her experience, coupled with her supportive listening style, has helped thousands of mothers have a positive and rewarding breastfeeding experience. She believes that expert, hands-on lactation support in the home allows for the highest level of individualized care and promotes the continuation of breastfeeding.

Barbara is a member of the International Lactation Consultant Association, Northern Illinois Lactation Consultant Association. For nine years Barbara served on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Area Breastfeeding Coalition. She shares her expertise by providing learning opportunities to new lactation consultants, physicians, medical students and expectant parents.

Juli Billings Walter IBCLC

Juli has been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2007. She is also a mother of five, childbirth educator, Le Leche League Leader and Doula.  She is  a member of the International Lactation Consultant Association.